FTB Skies
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Embark on a unique and immersive adventure with our FTB Skies server, a modpack that propels Minecraft gameplay to new heights. Upon entry, you're marooned on an island floating in the sky, with no land in sight. Your survival and progress hinge on resourcefulness and the building of your lofty empire amidst the clouds.

Our server features an in-game economy system, further enriching your gameplay. Engage in player-to-player trading and contribute to a bustling marketplace driven by community participation.

Notable mods in our server include:

The Eye of Legend: Traverse the sky, uncover floating villages, and unearth abundant treasures!

Create/Create Sifting and Refined Storage: Collect and process resources like never before, ushering in a plethora of crafting and building possibilities.

Mekanism, Elemental Craft, Botania, and RF Tools: Delve into a world where magic and technology intertwine in exciting, innovative ways.

Hostile Neural Networks and Applied Energistics: Engage in thrilling gameplay and anticipate being astounded by the remarkable FTB Exclusive in-game event system that continually introduces new features.


Banned Items

  • FTBIC: Nuke Arrow
  • Create: Schematicannon
  • QuarryPlus: Advanced Quarry
  • QuarryPlus: Advanced Pump
  • Supplementaries: Bomb
  • Supplementaries: Spring Launcher
  • Supplementaries: Slingshot
  • RFToolsStorage: Storage Scanner
  • AE2: Matter Cannon
  • AE2: Spatial Anchor
  • AE2: Spatial Pylon
  • SecurityCraft: Projector
  • SimpleMagnets: Advanced Magnet
  • Pipez: Ultimate Upgrade
  • CableTiers: Creative Exporter
  • CableTiers: Creative Requester
  • CableTiers: Creative Destructor
  • CableTiers: Creative Constructor
  • CableTiers: Creative Disk Manipulator
  • CableTiers: Creative Importer
  • Pylons: Expulsion Pylon
  • Refined Storage: Crafter
  • Refined Storage: Crafter Manager
  • Refined Storage: Crafting Monitor
  • Extra Storage: Gold Crafter
  • Extra Storage: Iron Crafter
  • Extra Storage: Diamond Crafter
  • Extra Storage: Netherite Crafter
  • RFToolsDim: Dimension Builder
  • RFToolsDim: Enscriber
  • RFToolsDim: Dimlet Workbench
  • Industrial Foregoing: Infinity Nuke
  • Thermal: Energy Duct
  • Thermal: Fluid Duct
  • Thermal: Fluid Duct (Windowed)
  • Cyclic: Energy Pipe
  • Cyclic: Item Pipe
  • Cyclic: Fluid Pipe
  • Create Ender Transmission: Chunk Loader
  • Compact Machines: Chunk Loader Upgrade
  • Mekanism: Upgrade Anchor
  • Botania: Manasteel Hoe
  • Thermal: Earth Grenade

In-Game Commands

  • /rtp: Teleports to a random location.
  • /warp: Teleports to a set location.
  • /listwarps: Displays a list of available warp locations.
  • /tpa: Request to teleport to another player.
  • /tpahere: Request another player to teleport to you.
  • /home: Teleports you to your set home location.
  • /sethome: Sets your current location as your home.
  • /listhomes: Lists all your set home locations.
  • /balance: Shows your current balance.
  • /balance top: Displays the players with the highest balances.
  • /shops: Lists all active player shops on the server.
  • /shop <playername>: Opens the shop of the specified player.
  • /auction add: Adds the item you're currently holding to the auction.
  • /auction bid: Allows you to place a bid on an active auction.