BetterMC 1.20 Forge
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The Better MC Forge 1.20 modpack transforms your Minecraft experience with comprehensive overhauls including enriched world generation, immersive VR support, hundreds of new dungeons and structures, rideable dragons, quality-of-life enhancements, and an impressive roster of over 220 mods, all guided by straightforward quests.

  • Engage in real-time conversations with our integrated proximity voice chat feature. Whether you prefer push to talk or voice activation, we've got you covered. Stay connected and elevate your team strategies with seamless in-game communication.
  • For those looking to dive into our proximity voice chat feature, here's a brief guide on how to get set up:


    1. Download the voice chat mod from the following link: Simple Voice Chat Mod.
    2. Open Curseforge and navigate to "My Modpacks".
    3. Find and click on the BMC4 modpack.
    4. Right-click and select "Open Folder".
    5. From the opened folder, locate and open the "mods" directory.
    6. Drag and drop the downloaded .jar file for the voice chat mod into this "mods" folder.
    7. After you have done these steps: Restart your game then connect with the ip

    After completing these steps, you'll be equipped with proximity voice chat capabilities. By default, the push to talk (PTT) key is set to CAPS LOCK. If you wish to modify this or explore other voice chat settings, simply press the 'V' key in-game.

    With this added feature, you can now enjoy a more immersive and interactive proximity voice chatting experience.

  • Get a bird's eye view of our vast world through our online map viewer. Track player locations, explore the terrain, and plan your next move. Available right in your web browser (DISABLED).

    1. Place Down a Chest:
      • Find an appropriate location for your shop and place a chest.
    2. Create the Shop:
      • Use the command: /chestshop create <buy price> <sell price>
      • Example: If you want players to buy an item for 10 coins and sell the item to you for $5, the command would be: /chestshop create 10 5.
    3. Set Sell Price to 0 if Needed:
      • If you don't want players to sell items back to you (and risk losing money), set the sell price to 0.
      • Example: /chestshop create 10 0 (This allows players to buy for $10, but they cannot sell the item back to you).
    4. Interact with the Chest:
      • Right-click on the chest. This will open the ChestShop GUI.
    5. Admin View and Stocking:
      • In the GUI, click on "Admin View".
      • From here, you can add items to the shop and restock as necessary.


    • Treat Others with Respect: Engage in positive interactions, and refrain from any form of harassment, bullying, or derogatory language. Everyone here is looking for a good time, so let's create a friendly and inclusive environment.
    • Exploits are Not Allowed: Any use of game mechanics, bugs, or third-party software to gain an unfair advantage or disrupt the gameplay for others is strictly prohibited. This includes duplication glitches, using mods to cheat, etc.
    • RDM & Unconsented PvP is Not Allowed: Random Death Match (RDM) killing players without any reason and Player versus Player combat without both parties' agreement are forbidden. All PvP encounters should be consensual.
    • Offensive Content is Not Allowed: Refrain from posting, linking, or sharing content that can be deemed racist, sexist, homophobic, or discriminative in any way. This also includes inappropriate skins, builds, or offensive language.
    • Advertising is Not Allowed: Do not promote or advertise other servers, products, websites, or any form of content that isn't directly related to this server's community. This rule ensures our community remains focused and undistracted.
    • Spamming is Not Allowed: Repeating messages, using caps excessively, or sending unsolicited links disrupts chat and is not permitted. This ensures our chat remains readable and engaging.
    • Griefing is Not Allowed: Destroying, altering, or defacing other players' builds without permission is strictly prohibited. Everyone's work is valuable, and we should all respect that.
    • Do Not Scam Other Players, or Try To: Any attempts to deceive, trick, or cheat other players, whether it's for items, currency, or any other form of gain, is forbidden. Play fair and earn your rewards.

    In-Game Commands

    • /rtp: Teleports to a random location.
    • /warp tp: Teleports to a set location.
    • /warp list: Displays a list of available warp locations.
    • /tpa: Request to teleport to another player.
    • /tpahere: Request another player to teleport to you.
    • /home tp: Teleports you to your set home location.
    • /home set: Sets your current location as your home.
    • /home list: Lists all your set home locations.
    • /balance: Shows your current balance.
    • /balance top: Displays the players with the highest balances.
    • /shops: Lists all active player shops on the server.
    • /shop <playername>: Opens the shop of the specified player.
    • /auction add: Adds the item you're currently holding to the auction.
    • /auction bid: Allows you to place a bid on an active auction.
    • OpenPAC Commands:

      OpenPAC primarily focuses on player claims and parties. While many of its features can be accessed via the in-game UI (refer to your key bindings for this), certain functionalities require chat commands. For players with Xaero's World Map mod, claims can be viewed and edited directly on the map screen, making the process even more seamless.

      General Commands:

      • /openpac: Access player configuration commands.
      • /openpac-claims: All commands related to claims.
      • /openpac-parties: Everything related to party management and setup.
      • /opm: Shortcut for party chat.

      Key Bindings:

      • ': Opens the OpenPAC mod UI. This key binding can be adjusted in the controls menu.

      Do note: Parties can currently only be created and managed through chat commands.