All the Mods 9
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All The Mods 9 is a brand new 1.20 modpack. It incorporates an eclectic mix of mods - fresh and classic, that cater to every aspect: tech, magic, and crafting elements. ATM9 is specifically designed for players who wish to explore beyond a single playstyle.


To ensure everyone's enjoyment, we kindly request that you adhere to the following rules:

Respect Others:
Direct insults, threats, and attempts to agitate other players to elicit negative responses, will not be tolerated.

No Exploits:
The use of duplication glitches or any other game-breaking exploits that threatens the health of the server and community, will not be tolerated.

No RDM (Random Deathmatch):
Randomly attacking others without any reason or interaction, will not be tolerated. While pvp is enabled for your enjoyment, this is not a pvp server.

Offensive Content:
While minor swearing is permissible, excessive or frequent vulgarity, especially when directed at others, will not be tolerated. Do not discuss sensitive topics such as sex, politics, religion, or drugs. If you want to discuss those things, do it in voice chat, or in private messages. Not in global chat.

No advertising:
We want to focus on our own Minecraft server. Please refrain from advertising other Minecraft servers, websites, YouTube channels, Twitch streams, or unrelated content.

No spamming:
Excessive messaging in chat, or over usage of server commands, will not be tolerated.

No griefing:
Do not destroy or steal other peoples property. Any attempt to destroy the blocks in, or immediately around, other peoples claims, will not be tolerated.

No scamming:
Do not attempt to deceive or take advantage of other players by dishonestly acquiring their money, items, work, or anything else of value.

Causing lag:
Do not allow large amounts of entities to exist in the world. Also large automation setups and multiblock structures can cause a lot of lag if set up incorrectly. We highly recommend using "Applied Energistics 2" whenever possible for all of your item storage, and transportation needs to reduce lag. If you believe something you are about to do is going to cause lag, ask your fellow players, or staff, to give you advice on a better way of doing it.

Do not leave your spawners running all of the time. Please only use a maximum of 3 maxed apothesis spawner running at one time. Only run your spawners when you need the items from the mobs, and then turn them off when you have what you need. Mobs that you spawn must be killed immediately, and items dropped from them must also be collected immediately. Spawner setups that allow mobs and items to linger in the world will not be tolerated.

Refined storage system item limit:
We do not recommend you use the "Refined Storage" mod. But if you choose to do so, the system's storage should not exceed 2 million, as it can cause corruption.

AE2 System Item Limit:
To ensure server stability and reduce the risk of corruption, we must enforce an absolute maximum capacity for items stored in any single "Applied Energistics 2" (AE2) system. Each AE2 system is limited to storing no more than 150 million items. If you require storage for a greater number of items, you must offload the excess to a separate storage system. This additional system should be located in an area away from your main base to avoid being constantly chunk loaded, thus minimizing potential server lag. Please be considerate of the community and adhere to this rule to help maintain a smooth experience for everyone.

Thank you for taking the time to familiarize yourself with these rules. We appreciate your commitment to maintaining a friendly and healthy community. If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to our staff. Enjoy your adventures on our servers!

Banned Items

Please note that all banned items listed below are restricted for the purpose of ensuring server stability and to provide the best playing experience for all users. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a fair and enjoyable gaming environment.

  • Mahoutsukai
    • mystic staff
  • Create (Note: Usage of items from the Create mod is whitelist only due to potential exploits. Please make a Discord ticket to request access to these items.)
    • Create (Please make a Discord ticket to request access to these items.)
  • QuarryPlus
    • adv_pump
  • Supplementaries
    • bomb
    • bomb blue
    • bomb spiky
    • bomb projectile
    • spring launcher
    • slingshot
  • RFTools Storage
    • storage_scanner
  • AE2
    • matter cannon
    • spatial anchor
    • spatial pylon
  • Time in a Bottle
    • time in a bottle
  • Simple Magnets
    • advancedmagnet (Limited use)
    • basicmagnet (Limited use)
  • Industrial Foregoing
    • infinity drill (Limited use)
    • infinity nuke
  • Pylons
    • expulsion pylon
  • HyperBox
    • hyperbox
  • Deep Resonance
    • radiation monitor
  • Pipez
    • infinity_upgrade
    • universal pipe
    • ultimate upgrade
  • Twilight Forest
    • crumble_horn
    • block_and_chain
  • Entangled
    • block
  • Refined Storage
    • controller
    • creative_controller
    • crafter
  • Railcraft
    • tunnel_bore
  • LaserIO
    • laser_node
  • Sophisticated Storage
    • hopper_upgrade
  • Reliquary
    • rod_of_lyssa
  • SecurityCraft
    • inventory_scanner
  • Integrated Tunnels
    • part_player_simulator
  • Modular Routers
    • activator_module
  • Thermal
    • nuke_tnt
    • earth_tnt
    • nuke_grenade
    • earth_grenade
    • redstone_grenade
    • redstone_tnt
    • explosive_grenade
  • Ranged Pumps
    • pump
  • Building Gadgets
    • gadget_cut_paste
    • gadget_destruction
    • gadget_exchanging
  • Mekanism
    • mekasuit
  • Dark Utilities
    • vector plate extreme
    • vector plate ultra
  • Mob Grinding Utils
    • fan

In-Game Commands

  • /rtp: Teleports to a random location.
  • /warp: Teleports to a set location.
  • /listwarps: Displays a list of available warp locations.
  • /tpa: Request to teleport to another player.
  • /tpahere: Request another player to teleport to you.
  • /home: Teleports you to your set home location.
  • /sethome: Sets your current location as your home.
  • /listhomes: Lists all your set home locations.